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Hello beautiful souls

Recently I was invited to a new experience called floating at Float Zero, South Africa’s first ever floatation lab at the 15 on Orange Hotel. As I had never done this before, I decided to go for it with no expectations and I was pleasantly surprised with the entire experience. Went thinking I would be floating like a kid in a tub, without the rubber duck of course.

For those of you who know me, I am always looking for new ways to relax and feel enlightened. So to describe the entire experience in a few words here goes: Walked out feeling realigned and enlightened. And of course, stress free. This was definitely meditation 2.0

Upon my arrival, I was introduced to the owner. Who showed me around and took me to a waiting area to enjoy some freshly brewed teas, which included a tutorial on how to prepare your tea. It is always good to know how to make a good cup of tea. (I can hear my mother saying this.)

One look around you could instantly see a great deal of thought went  into the detail of creating this space, from the decor to the mindfulness books which were displayed, giving you a truly holistic feel when walking in. I felt the books gave it a nice touch, as I am always looking for my next read.

Afterwards I was led to one of the four, private pod rooms, what I saw was one massive pod, big enough to fit two people at a time. (Couples floatation is possible.)

After receiving all the instructions, I ventured into the pod, and slowly allowed my body to relax and float. The Epsom salt water is heated to body temperature, with a fair amount of water to ensure you are always floating. The chakra lights and tranquil music began before I got in. Once I got a bit comfortable, I was pretty okay to close the pod. If you are claustrophobic, you may keep the pod open throughout the entire experience. I was in the pod for just under an hour. What I felt during the session, was a sense of letting go and being present in the moment, letting go of the outside world. That feeling you have when you forget where you are.

Before I knew it, the session was over and I felt completely relaxed and very eager to just sit still and be silent to truly take in the whole experience and floating meditation.

I was intrigued to learn that floating therapy has many benefits which include muscle recovery, increased magnesium absorption, lowered blood pressure, diminished anxiety, reduced swelling, improved sleep, increased bodily healing and most importantly a reduction of the stress hormone cortisol. And also safe for pregnant women to use.

If you are  in need of some self care, I would truly recommend you try floating. It gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself with good energy; A time to let go and be present. The highlight of the pod for me was the  lights in the pod, changing every minute or so to a specific chakra colour, thus allowing you to heal your individual chakras during your time in the pod. This was really taking meditation to a new level.

So if you live in Cape Town or visiting Cape Town soon, I would highly recommend that you check this out and give yourself some well deserved relaxation.

Until next time,

Sending you Love and Light,


Float Zero

Shop No 5 – 15 On Orange Hotel, Orange St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000

Tel: 021 224 0941

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