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Life's not yoga or is it...? - Book Review

Chaos is a mild way to describe Jacqui Burnett's new book.

Life's not yoga...or is it? Book Review

The beginning of this book, had me turning pages faster than I could potentially read, just wanting to know what happens next. Jacqui begins her story with a rollercoaster ride of many traumatic events leading up to adulthood, which had her questioning her faith, religion and moral compass.

This memoir entails a young girl having to keep a shameful secret, to finding herself in near death experiences, to searching for love, where love was conditional.

As she begins to dissect her life, she starts to find comfort in her discomfort. And as a reader you walk this journey with her, finding a sense of growth occurring within you. For that experience alone, I will say that this is a great self help book; as she demonstrates that no matter what happens you can still have a beautiful life filled with love. - That's if you are prepared to dig deep within yourself.

It was during the last third of the book, when I truly took my time to savour each chapter, as she beautifully titled each chapter with a inspirational quote, to sum up the lesson she had to overcome.

I would definitely recommend this book.

Below is a poem which simply touched my soul. So simple, yet so profound.

It matters not that you lied to me.

It matters that I not lie to myself.

It matters not that you asked for trust.

It matters that I trust myself.

It matters not that I forgive you.

It matters that I forgive myself.

It matters not that you broke my heart.

It matters that my heart still breaks.

It matters not that I love you.

It matters that I still love.

-Jacqui Burnett

Easy read, inspirational and poetic with a heartwarming end.

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