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“When you learn, teach” – Maya Angelou

I am Kavita Kooverjee, a student of life. 

My core purpose: Forever Learning,  Forever Sharing. 

My dream: To live an Inspired Life 

Favorite thing to do: Listening to Inspiring Stories. 

My goal in life is to share the inspiration I receive each and everyday with anyone who is willing to listen. I have gone through many journeys to be here. So it is with great pleasure that I share all that I have found with the spiritual and Inspirational communities. 

So why the name Finding Miracles? 

Because I am always looking for the next miracle, whether it is small or big, miracles are all around. You just need to find them, which is pretty easy. And be grateful for them.


Because when gratitude is present in life. I will share many things, from inspirational quotes to inspiring books. 

May your day be happy and thank you for visiting Finding Miracles.

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