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In life the only way to grow is to live outside your comfort zone, and running a marathon or any race is definitely outside my comfort zone. Hence I have chosen to challenge myself by running in the 10KM PEACE RUN – RUN FOR PEACE IN THE MOTHER CITY.

I am a person who has never liked the word exercise, it always felt like a boring chore like washing dishes. But from my recent experience, exercise can be fun and it is just about finding the right activity for you.  Because when you feel excited to do something, no doubt you will challenge yourself more.

This new excitement all began when I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in the Sanlam 10km Peace Run. It felt right and agreed to challenge myself. With less than 70 Days to go, I am asking you all to join me on this event.

What am I doing to prepare:

I started a few months ago by running on the treadmill, but I had realised that I needed to hit the road if I wanted to be fully prepared for this event. So I decided to join the Brimstone Itheko Sports Athletic Club and have been running with them for a month now. And so far I am pretty impressed. The very thought of running long distance uphill was daunting (my poor soul), but I can proudly say I did it. The cool thing about joining a running club is knowing that you are not alone, there is constant guidance, support and motivation. While running the coaches nurture your growth as a runner and help you to focus on your running goals.I have also joined a core class, to strengthen my body and to prepare it for the changes, which comes with any new form of strenuous exercise. Also note that with any new activity, your brain will not be used to it, so you will need to push your mind as well until it thinks such activities are normal.

What I can tell you so far is that there is so much more to running, it is not just about the physical activity but is also a freeing experience which allows you to relax and let go and build confidence in yourself and learning to believe in yourself to go the distance.The moment when the fresh air hits your face, you get an adrenaline high leaving you wanting more. Now I understand why some of my friends are addicted to running. So to all my fellow runners you are most welcome to share some tips with me.

I will definitely be sharing more tips as I go along of what I have learnt as a first time runner.

So join me by clicking here to enter the 10KM PEACE RUN – RUN FOR PEACE IN THE MOTHER CITY.

Do note: On-line entries close at midnight on 20th August 2017, or when the maximum entry limit (10 000) has been reached.  NO LATE ENTRIES accepted. So hurry up and sign up for this event. For more check out the 2017 Marathon.

So sending you all Love and Light,


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